Our Story

Macchina Espresso's journey commenced in a quaint espresso bar nestled within the vibrant heart of Kingsgrove, Sydney. From this humble beginning, Harry Ambanavos (founder) transformed his ardor for coffee into a meticulously thought out Roastery. His vision extended beyond mere coffee; it was about fostering a familial atmosphere where people could relish exceptional coffee and delectable cuisine. A place where community and relationships would form, flourish, and prosper over a fresh brew of Macchina’s finest. With this vision in mind and drawing upon over two decades of industry expertise, Harry has since then successfully transformed this dream into a tangible reality.

Macchina today stands as a boutique coffee roaster catering to businesses/cafes of all sizes (from Northern Victoria right up to South East Queensland) while also holding a prominent position in the Sydney coffee scene, boasting more than a dozen retail outlets. With an unwavering team focused on delivering exceptional service and the finest quality product to both wholesale and retail customers alike, Macchina has come a long way.


Holding firm on Harry’s initial core values and with his original vision still in sight, we at Macchina Espresso Roasters we strive to produce ethically sourced coffee of the finest quality, with exceptional service to match.

We value honesty, transparency, sustainability, and traceability above all else, and believe in building community and long-lasting relationships.

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From its inception, Macchina Espresso was designed as a vessel to share and showcase our deep-rooted passion and expertise in coffee with the world. In an ever-changing industry, our unwavering commitment to staying abreast of industry standards remains central to our ethos. Our dedicated team of Q-graders, baristas, and seasoned industry experts are committed to crafting innovative technologies, products, and solutions to help empower our customers to lead the market and maintain a competitive advantage.

The goal is not just to roast and brew the most exceptional coffee you have ever had, but to create an environment and an experience that you will never forget.

Join the movement, join our family, and fall in love with coffee as if it were for the first time all over again. We do it, every single day!

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With Roasteries in both Mortdale (Sydney) and Northlakes (Northern Central Coast), our coffee is roasted, packed, and delivered to customers from Aubry (VIC), right up to Brisban (Queensland), 6 days a week. Our expert roasters have dedicated years to refining the optimal roast profiles for all our blends, leaving no detail to chance. Every batch undergoes meticulous monitoring to guarantee we hit that precise moment of perfection – where body, sweetness, and acidity achieve flawless harmony. There’s no greater measure of coffee quality than flavour. At Macchina Espresso our team of Q-graders assess every delivery of green beans upon arrival and then again after roasting and blending, to ensure every batch served is one that we are proud of.

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We know how difficult running a café/business can be. That’s why our team of Coffee Support specialists only has 1 job!!!

TO EMPOWER LOCAL CAFES WITH TECHNICAL EXPERTISE, BUSINESS SUPPORT, AND ROUND-THE-CLOCK BREAKDOWN SERVICE. After all, we are all about building a community, and what is a community without support?

Our Coffee Support team engages directly with our cafe partners on-site, as well as providing advice and support remotely daily. Through personalized mentoring to baristas and café staff alike, our team is dedicated to guiding them in refining their craft and equipping them with the necessary skills and resources to consistently deliver an exceptional product.

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We are a firm believer that “practice makes perfect”. That is why we deliver small group training sessions with all our wholesale customers (free of charge) on an ongoing basis. Our team of Barista Trainers is dedicated to delivering practical training for baristas of all abilities through our network of training centers and our local on-the-road coffee training team. Whether you're a passionate home barista, just starting in the industry, or an experienced Barista who wants to fine-tune their skills, our trainers have the expertise to take you to that next level.

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    By collaborating with partners who share our unwavering commitment to quality and advocate for sustainable, ethical practices at the source, we have the opportunity to enact real change. This collaborative effort involves direct partnerships with coffee producers, leveraging a network of top-tier specialty coffee brokers, and engagement with certification programs such as Fair Trade. Through these avenues, we aim to make a tangible difference in promoting sustainability and ethical standards within the coffee industry.


    We're dedicated to minimizing the footprint of packaging waste across all aspects of our business. This commitment ranges from promoting reusable cups at our establishments, procuring compostable cups and pods, donating coffee grinds to the local community, using recyclable packaging in our stores, to collaborating with local charities to repurpose coffee sacks. Our team is dedicated to continually seeking out new avenues to minimise (and hopefully one day reduce entirely) our environmental impact.


    At Macchina Espresso, community support is at the heart of what we do. We take pride in actively contributing to the local areas, in which we are based, through donations and hosting events that benefit schools and after-school activities. Whether it's sponsoring educational initiatives, providing resources for extracurricular programs, or organizing events to foster community engagement, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us. By investing in the future of our community's youth and supporting their educational and recreational endeavors, we aim to cultivate a stronger, more vibrant local environment for everyone to thrive.